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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help with a Probate Valuation?

We all suffer the loss of loved ones and that may come with the responsibility of having to sort through their belongings and establish values for them. Geoff can provide a comprehensive service to help you navigate this, providing advice in all aspects of this often sensitive process.

Geoff advises executors and legal representatives requiring probate valuations. He can assess values for the purpose of disposal of items, where necessary recommending the best way to realise the best value for that item and helping establish the value of an estate. Help is also available to legal representatives and executors to identify jewellery that may have been referenced in a will or codicil and identifying key items in a legacy and who they were intended to be left to.

When is a watch valuation not proof of authentication?

Often valuations can be given on watches without the watch being authenticated. Similarly, a watch can be authenticated without being valued. But, why does this matter?

Geoff’s thorough and robust insurance valuation will fulfil both roles, looking at every aspect of the watch inside and out. From the movement, to whether there have been any adjustments made to the piece, all of this information will be assessed and logged. Without such a valuation, insurers may choose to deny a claim as they can’t establish whether the watch was all it was all an owner believed it to be. A valuation by Geoff will establish the authenticity of the watch and its value.

The collection service Geoff provides is extremely convenient, prompt and ensures you are not without your valuables for too long. The valuation report I received from Geoff was comprehensive and the level of detail was excellent.
Hanks, Solihull.

Why have your items valued by a Valuer registered with the JVA?

Jewellery re-valuation

The Jewellery Valuers Association was formed to create a code of practice and hold its carefully selected registered valuers to very high professional standards. JVA Valuers will only value items that they are qualified and experienced in valuing.

In theory, the depth and thoroughness of an JVA valuation could enable a near replica of your beloved piece to be recreated in the event of its loss of damage, such is the detail included in the valuation document.

Members and Fellows of the JVA undertake continuous learning, information sharing and monitoring, keeping up with new trends in the markets in which they are an expert. This extends to crafting methods, gemstone cuts, treatments and much more, all of which can materially affect the value of a piece.
The JVA work to keep their fingers on the pulse of where the market is at any given time for any given item. They achieve this level of knowledge by keeping their eye on everything from auction sales, to the latest high-end watch and jewellery releases. They also share best practice amongst themselves and information to keep them across everything from well-known brands to one-off rarities.

The JVA are trusted by insurers who recognise its members and Fellows’ level of expertise. A registered valuer will ask pertinent questions to establish the purpose of a valuation before the appraisal process begins, as the value of an item will differ dependent on whether an item is being appraised with a view to insuring for replacement value, for sale or for the purposes of estate valuation.

How often do my pieces need to be reappraised?

If this is the first valuation for the piece, Geoff can advise you how often a new valuation would be recommended. This is dependent on the shifts in markets for different items. If you have an existing valuation, give Geoff a call and he can advise you on whether a new valuation is recommended.

What do I need to provide when submitting items for valuation?

Any lab reports, receipts, prior valuations or other related paperwork that you may have. Any boxes, authentication cards, booklets that belongs with the item (these can materially affect an item’s value)